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Taxes at SFP Tax Prep

SFP Tax Prep is happy to help you with your tax filing.  To do so, you will need to provide all of the following forms that apply:

  • W-2s
  • 1099s
  • 1098s
  • 1095s
  • School Registration Receipts –this is a must if you pay for tuition to receive the credit
  • Daycare Receipts – name, address, telephone number and tax ID number for all care providers and the amount paid to each. In addition, break down the total amount paid for each child for which you are claiming credit – this is a must to receive the credit
  • Charitable Donation Receipts – receipts are required
  • For Vermont Taxpayers—Town Tax Bill for property owners or Landlord Certificate for renters—this is a must to receive the homestead credit or renter rebate

Our process at SFP tax is to work on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, if not all documents are received, this will affect the turnaround time for preparing your return. Once we have your return completed, we will review any issues or concerns and confirm all is accurate with you.  Then we will provide you with an authorization form that must be signed by all taxpayers, for you to allow us to complete/file your taxes. All tax returns will be electronically filed, that qualify, per IRS guidelines.

 We will ask you to complete a CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE, even if you are a returning client, as we need to confirm all information is correct.  If you wish to have this done before you come in, you can download it to complete beforehand.  If not, we have copies in the office. 

Clients may drop off information during office hours or after by using the secure drop box outside the office door.  We can also receive and send documents through our on-line portal.

Engagement Form

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Client Checklist

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IRS Change of Address Form

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For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (802) 753-7385