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Why a Financial Advisor?  

Brokerage services

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority [FINRA] defines a financial advisor as a generic term referring to a broker or registered representative.  Registered representatives are trained professionals who offer guidance to help you pursue your financial goals, short and long-term.  Registered representatives are licensed and trained to help you make and execute the best decisions for now and for your future.  A registered representative offers transactional brokerage services of buying, selling, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, variable annuities.  

Advisory services

Investment adviser representatives not only understand the aspects of investing and the many ways to do it; they help you choose options that match your risk tolerance and your goals.  Plans change. Life happens. A financial advisor will guide you through whatever twists and turns come your way to keep your investments and financial plans on track.  Likewise, conscientious advisors are there watching the market and other economic markers to guide your investments and suggest changes when needed.  They keep track so you don’t have to; you know your financial well-being is looked after.

Simmons Financial Partners, LLC

We are affiliated with Equity Services, Inc. (ESI), a broker-dealer founded in 1968 and based in Montpelier, Vermont.  Affiliation with such a company is a critical best practice component for all independent investment professionals. Just as hospitals provide the support structure physicians and surgeons need to practice medicine, broker-dealers serve many important functions for independent investment professionals like us.  Equity Services, Inc. is an established and experienced broker-dealer, to paraphrase their website:  they provide both behind-the-scenes support and enable us to offer a wide range of investment solutions.  Additionally, Equity Services, Inc. operates as a registered investment adviser under the brand of ESI Financial Advisors. We are pleased to be able to offer this extended range of services to you.  In addition to making many more investment and insurance options available to you we can provide financial advice to clients who do not have investments but who need help with budgeting, planning, and financial calculations.

Stephen Simmons is both a Registered Representative and an Investment Adviser Representative of Equity Services, Inc..  Through a relationship with Simmons Financial Partners, you have access to both type of accounts.  Through the advisory programs offered by ESI, he provides ongoing advice and monitoring of your accounts, goals-based account management with limited discretion, third-party management of your assets, and retirement planning services.  After we help you create a strategy that is appropriate, we regularly discuss with you .  For more information read our Client Relationship Summary